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Sunday School Lenten Studies

Seekers Sunday School Class Begins Study of John

The Seekers Sunday school class invites you to join us as we begin to study the book of John. We will begin the new chapter study on April 23, but you are welcome to pop in anytime! Our class discussion is organic and results from the scripture we read in class. We read the text in context and compare it to other bible passages/events and other translations, too. Visitors and regulars alike are free to comment, ask questions, point to other scripture, relate to "real life," etc ... and are equally free to just listen instead. We like to dig in, evaluate and go where the Spirit leads us, sometimes spending a whole class on just a few verses, or zipping through 2 chapters at once! Our class is made up of all ages, from 20’s to seniors, with a mix of married, single, divorced and widowed; working and retired; men and women. The thing we hold in common (besides loving Christ) is a curiosity for what the Word holds for us - we "seek" to learn, to grow, and to serve. Seekers meets in room 8, behind the Sanctuary in the main building. We hope you’ll come join us!

Sunday School Classes for Adults


Location: Room 28a - Upstairs, Education Wing
Contact: Leticia Estavill

Are you looking for a Sunday school class that delves deep into the Bible and gives you a complete overview of God's Word? You'll discover God as revealed in the major stories and through all the major characters in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and explroe how god is revealed in your own life as you discern your gifts and call to serve God in the world as a follower of Jesus Christ. Weekly videos and readings provide historical context to the daily scripture readings.  Group discussions provide multi-faceted perspectives that give new insights to what you read during the week.  LEARN MORE HERE!


Christians Without Borders

Location: Family Life Center – Classroom B
Contact: Bobbie Lilljedahl,

The Christians without Borders class is involved in studies that encourage growth in mind and spirit, challenges our faith and keep us motivated to be bridge builders/change agents for justice, reconciliation and transformation.  We encourage open communication where all contributions are respected and regarded.  We explore ways to be the love, grace and voice of Christ in the world.  We are a Reconciling Ministry Class which encourages the full participation of all people, including individuals of all ages, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations.  All visitors and new members are welcome and encouraged to join us on our faith journey toward greater love, understanding and mutual respect.

Examples of study topics:
"When Christians Get It Wrong" by AdamHamilton, "Becoming a Justice Seeking Church" by William McElvaney, "Embracing an Adult Faith" by Marcus Borg, "Embracing Emergence Christanity" by Phyllis Tickle, "Embracing Spiritual Awakening" by Diana Butler Bass
Current Study: "Living the Questions" a video-based series that generates continued dialogue among the participants and beyond into their circle of influence.

Doty Bible Class

Location: Church parlor (turn right inside the east end of the church entrance and go to the end of this hallway)
Contact: Mitzi Thomas,

We are a class of older adults who are interested in Bible study.

Recent Studies: Bedlham in Bethlehem, Cokesbury's Bible Study for Adults, Bad Girls of the Bible series

Currently Studying: Paul


Location: Classroom A/B near the choir room
Contact: Jerry Edinger,

We are group of adults who enjoy gathering together for study, critically thinking about scripture and having meaningful discussions.

Examples of study topics: The Afterlife According to Different Faith Traditions, The Gospel and Letters of John


Location: Family Life Center – Classroom C
Contact: Susan Hilburn,

We are a group of individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, ages 30 and up. Our common goals are to become to become faithful disciples of Christ, to nurture one another, and to serve those in need.

Example of study topics: Current books on Christian spirituality or the Bible, such as "Wrestling with Grace" by Robert Morris


Location: Upstairs, Room 29
Contact: Leslie Piggot,

We are mostly parents in our 30s and 40s who focus on family relationships, books of the Bible and various short-term studies. We are a laid-back group who get together socially outside the church and occasionally participate in community service projects.

Example of Recent Studies: NOOMA Video Series by Rob Bell, Mysteries, 

It's New to Me

Location: Room 7 (across from the Sanctuary)
Contact: Rev. Mimi Raper,

Focusing on prayer practices and spiritual formation, this class is perfect for all ages of people wishing to seek a deeper connection with God in their daily life.

Example of Recent Studies:  Companions in Christ, Henri Nouwen's "The Way of the Heart," Adam Hamilton's "Christianity's Family Tree
Currently Studying: Upper Room's Disciplines



Location: Room 9 (across from the sanctuary)
Contact: Bob Caudill,

Men and women from Marbridge, ages 20-65

Example of study topics: The Upper Room daily devotional


Location: Room 8 (across from the sanctuary)
Contacts: Jean Johnfroe,
Sara Ferris:

Seekers is made up of folks from all walks of life; couples and singles, twenties and up. Seekers is a Bible-based study group. We seek: we look at historical and Biblical background of Bible passages.  We dig: we question, get perspectives, look for the message God has given us (individually and collectively) for today in His Word and look at how passages interconnect with other parts of the Bible.  We are laid-back and relaxed in our structure.  As such, if we feel the Holy Spirit directing us to divert course and study something like the temple structure in the Old Tesetament, we do, making our studies afterward all the better for it.  We are free to voice an opinion, insight or questions, and are equally welcome to remain quiet and listen.

Seekers Sunday School Class has been a vibrant part of MUMC for about 23 years. We support others and missions: providing yearly back-to-school love bags for the children of MUMC, providing funds for building community libraries in Vietnam, making regular donations to the MUMC Food Pantry, Capital Area Food Bank, Haiti Relief, UMCOR, Heifer projects, etc.  Social activites include occasional pot luck dinners. 

Currently Studying: The Gospel of Luke.

Upper Room

Location: Family Life Center – Classroom A
Nancy Russ:
               Glenna Bowman:
                Kyle Landry:
                Dale Lininger:

We are couples and singles in our 40s and 60s.  We enjoy lively Bible discussions that help us deepen our faith in Jesus Christ and strengthen our fellowship with one another.  We believe everyone has something meaningful to add to the dialogue.  Members take turns preparing and leading class discussions (although no one is ever "required" to).  More often than not, the "leader" is the "facilitator" of discussion, not necessarily the resident "expert" on the topic, so everyone has the opportunity to share.

Examples of Recent Studies: "What’s So Amazing about Grace" by Philip Yancey, and "Yes, Lord I Have Sinned…but I have Several Excellent Excuses" by James Moore