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    Worship Planning Team

    04.05.18 | Volunteer

        The Worship & Planning Team oversees and supports the Life on the Road worship service on Sunday mornings in the FLC.  Members of this team can assist with worship planning, room decoration, and operating the video or sound...

      Buildings & Grounds

      04.05.18 | Volunteer

          Members of our Building & Grounds Team works with the Board of Trustees in caring for the facilities and grounds at Manchaca.  Volunteers may select a small portion of the grounds to maintain or donate their time and...

        2018 Akins College Visit Recap

        03.24.18 | News, Missions News

        On February 28 through March 2, fifteen Akins High School students experiencing homelessness visited Texas State University, Texas A&M San Antonio, University of Texas, San Antonio and two ACC campuses with programs including automechanics...

          Welcome to our Articles Section

          03.20.18 | News | by Andy Smith

              I'm so glad you found this section of our new website!  The church will be able to post news, updates, and stories for everyone to read.  This is a powerful tool to keep everyone connected with what's going on at Manchaca...