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One-on-one With a Pastor

04.29.20 | Care & Support | by Jason Esparza

One-on-one With a Pastor

    Would you like to be able to talk one-on-one with one of our pastors? It is now possible to set up a time to do so over Zoom. Please read how to connect with either David, Chansin or Jason. Jason can also offer technical support with Zoom.

    With the continuation of the current Covid crisis, your pastoral staff wants you to know we are here for you. We know these can be difficult and isolating times and we want to encourage you to consider opening up your smartphone, tablet, or camera-enabled computer and connecting with us. Your staff will be releasing a schedule of availability for one-on-one video chats through Zoom. These chats will provide you with an opportunity to talk through current struggles, share in your unexpected joys, have live one-on-one prayer, etc. We will start by offering 20 minute slots as we roll this program out. You will book an appointment with a pastor through a program called Calendly.

    Calendly allows you to schedule a time with a pastor. The links below will show you times David, Chansin, and Jason are available:

     David -
    Chansin -
    Jason - 

    Be sure to have the zoom client installed before your appointment. This link will take you to Zoom's download page:

     If you need technical help with downloading and using zoom, sign up for a help session in Jason's Calendly link. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to connect with us and we look forward to visiting with you soon.

     - Your Pastoral Staff