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A Note from Pastor David - Over remembering

Updated: Feb 8

It is called “Hyperthymesia.” It is a rare condition that leads some people to remember a large number of life experiences in vivid detail. You may have heard of people who could tell you everything they did on any given date and even what day of the week it was. That doesn’t seem to be my condition. Sometimes I can’t remember wat I did yesterday and by Tuesday I have already forgotten what I preached on Sunday (so you’re not the only one who forgot my message!). Nevertheless, this condition is one that I’d rather not have. Imagine how exhausting it must be to remember most everything that has ever happened to you- especially the painful stuff. Apparently this condition can lead to depression, can cause relationship difficulties and can make it difficult to live in the present.

On second thought maybe I do have symptoms of this condition. Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann says that one of the problems that Israel had in exile was “over remembering.” They remembered the days of the Temple in Jerusalem as being even better than they were. This led to a dangerous hatred of their Babylonian captors. One Psalm even wishes for Babylonian babies to be dashed against a wall and killed (137:9)! It also led to an under appreciation of the return to Jerusalem and the rebuilt Temple. Many people could not rejoice in the reopening since the Temple did not match its remembered glory. In these days of pandemic I can over remember the days before March 2020. It can cause me to miss what God is doing in this moment.

As we gather for outdoor worship this Sunday at 8:30, let us be careful not to over remember the earlier versions of 8:30 worship with air conditioning, the organ and the Peace. God will be present with us this Sunday as we worship, whether in the parking or online. Don’t miss that Presence in the present by dwelling on the past.


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