• David McNitzky

A Note from Pastor David - This Isn’t Good

At the end of each stage of the Creation story in Genesis, we read that “God saw that it was good.” Only once during Creation does God say that something is “not good.” This happens when God looks down on the first human being and notices that the man is alone. As always God proves to be right. Dr. Vivek Murthy was Surgeon General of the United States from 2014-2017. He discovered that loneliness, not cancer nor heart disease, was the number one health problem in the country. In a recent book he cites some eye opening results about the effects on loneliness on health as revealed in recent studies. First, he notes that people with strong social ties are 50% less likely to die prematurely than people without social relationships. Another study found that loneliness has an effect equivalent to smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. Another study noted not only a higher risk of early death among lonely people but also a higher incidence of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and anxiety. Even as a third year medical student years ago, Dr. Murthy saw that many people with serious health conditions were all alone. He believes that the USA has an epidemic of loneliness. Of course, this epidemic has only worsened with the social distancing measures brought on by COVID-19.

With this in mind, I want to encourage you as appropriate to take advantage of three upcoming opportunities where we will gather as a church in socially distanced ways outdoors. First, I encourage you to join our 8:30 am outdoor worship on Sundays. Not only will you get out of the house, you will get to be with others. Secondly, join us at 8:30 am on October 4th for World Communion Sunday or at 9:45 am that day for drive in communion. This is an opportunity to experience the presence of Christ and realize that we are truly never all alone. Finally, on October 11th, following the 8:30 am service, we will have an after worship gathering time which we are calling “Encore.” It will give us a chance to engage with one another in socially distanced groups of five or six. We’ll arrange our lawn chairs in circles of fellowship and share with one another over a few meaningful questions.

It is not good to be alone. Let’s gather together Sunday. I believe God will see that and call it “good.”


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