• Kim Caroll

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month- SUPPORTING FAMILIES

Did you know if you call to report abuse or neglect it doesn’t mean the child will automatically be removed? In 2018, 20,865 children (birth through age 18) were removed by CPS and 82,888 children received short term family services by CPS through family preservation. Family preservation keeps the child with the family, ensures safety, parents receive services and/or support, and negates the need to unnecessarily remove the child from their home.

Increasing the protective factors within a family can help. If you or someone you know is needing support, Texas 2-1-1 phone call or website or Travis County Helpful Resources can help. To universally support all new parents and help them with resources, parenting information, infant health, and any other needs of bringing a new baby home, Texas has a home visiting program called Family Connects Texas. It is being rolled out in certain counties with Travis, Bastrop, Victoria, and Bear counties as the first places to offer Family Connects in Texas to all parents with newborns. Giving babies and their families a strong, protective start.

(Written by Diane Ewing)

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