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Help in 5 Minutes

This past Sunday I spoke about having the courage to follow your call. For most of us the road to that Courage will begin with the first step of identifying your call. I would like to pass on something that I discovered a few years ago that really helped me in this area. It came from a Ted talk by film and theater producer/ executive Adam Leipzig. It was titled, “How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes.” Leipzig pointed out that at a Yale class reunion he discovered that many of his former classmates were not happy with their lives even though they were outwardly very successful. He discerned that the ones who were happy had one thing in common- they had discovered their life purpose. Leipzig went on to share five questions, which, when answered, will yield an answer to the question of life purpose. They are:

1. Who are you?

2. What do you do? (Or what is it that you are good at?)

3. Who do you do it for?

4. What is it that these people want or need? (Why do they come to you for what you offer?)

5. What do these people get out of it? (How do they change because of your work/gift?)

The key, he noted, is that of these five questions, only two are about you. The other three are about other people; and serving others is the key to happiness in life!

By the way, here is what I discovered in answering the five questions:

“I am David, a beloved son and fathering presence, who mentors and teaches biblical wisdom to leaders and emerging leaders, in order to give them guidance and encouragement so that they can discover and live out God’s call on their lives.”

What’s your purpose? Might be fun to find out....


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