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Read Your Bible this Summer!

As the school year comes to an end, families look forward to some time off from the daily routine and traveling on vacations. This summer children's ministries are offering many ways for your family to stay connected and continue growing as disciples whether you are here are far away! I'll be highlighting the fun opportunities for learning and growth through the children's ministry blog! Summer Bible Story Reading Program Even as a child I loved to read. Through books I could travel to many far off places and go on exotic adventures. Seeing myself in various characters helped me discover who I was and wanted to be. Bible stories are extra special because each one teaches us something about who God is and who we are in relationship with God. We want our children growing up learning these stories that serve as the foundation of our faith. As you go about your summer activities, make a plan to read 12 beloved Bible stories, about one per week, though you are welcome to read at your own pace! As your children read, wonder with them about what these stories teach us about God and about people. Ask them where they see themselves in the story. Invite them to place themselves at th scene of the story and ask them what they see and feel. Most of all, have fun exploring these wonderful stories of our faith! All children from birth to 5th grade can participate in the fun!

  • Parents can read the stories to non-readers.

  • Early readers can read the stories from a children's Bible. If you don't have one, check one out from the library at church!

  • Older elementary students can read the scriptures from their own Bibles.

DOWNLOAD THE CHECKLIST OF STORIES HERE! Bring your completed checklist with you to church on Sunday, August 19, and we'll celebrate our success at a pizza and ice cream party after worship! For added fun, download activities for each story by clicking the links below:

(Activities developed by Sparkhouse Publishing) Have fun on your reading adventure! And tell me about your progress in the comments below!

  • What is your favorite story?

  • Who is your favorite character?

  • Which Bible character is most like you?

  • Who would you like to meet in person? And what would you ask them?

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