• David McNitzky

Still the King

This past weekend my youngest son reminded me (in a sermon!) that occasionally when he was younger and things were not going his way or he felt that he was not being treated fairly, I would quote to him the famous line from a Waylon Jennings tune: “No matter who is in Austin Bob Wills is still the king.”

I heard those lyrics for the first time years ago actually in a Bible study! For a moment I didn’t understand the point the person was making, but then it made sense to me. No matter whether policies, decisions or political influence is going our way or not, we need to remember that Jesus is still the king. Too often we get our security and sense of well-being and purpose from earthly sources, instead of trusting in the Lord. We tend to think that a particular political party or politician is ordained in the sense that if they fail then we feel that God has lost and if they win we feel that God has been victorious. However let me remind you that the Lordship of the universe is not put up to a vote- not every two years, not every four years, not every six years, not EVER!

Unjust laws are passed or upheld- Jesus is still King

Hurricanes form in the Gulf-Jesus is still King

We receive a devastating diagnosis- Jesus is still King

We make a terrible mistake- Jesus is still King

People criticize us or let us down- Jesus is still King

Racism, Discrimination and Injustice run rampant- Jesus is still King

I’m not saying that these things are not important. We need to work for just laws, provide disaster relief, follow the regimen prescribed by our physicians, repent and make restitution for our mistakes, care about relationships and our self worth, and work for justice. Those serve a good purpose; but they are not our HOPE. Our hope and ultimate loyalty is reserved only for our Lord. No matter who’s in Austin, DC, or even who is signing our paycheck- Jesus is still the King!


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