Children's Sunday School


Children's Sunday School

Summer Sunday School - Starts June 9!

Children ages 4 years old - graduating 5th grade will combine in Room 30 for one-room Sunday school featuring a fun, Star Wars-themed curriculum featuring plays, crafts, games, and fun Bible lessons! In June, students will go on a Star Trip to learn all about why God sent Jesus to be with us. It will be Christmas in June!

The rest of the summer students will learn "Star Words" - an introduction to big theological concepts like sin, grace and forgiveness. 

Note: There will be no regular Sunday school classes on May 26 or June 2. On May 26, all children and youth are invited to come to the Fellowship Hall for Mission Sunday service projects during the SS hour. On June 2, we will have a farewell reception for Pastor Andy during the SS hour. 


Deep Blue Nursery 

Nursery - Room 14 in the Education Wing
 Through simple stories, themed learning centers, songs and prayers, our youngest children will be introduced to foundational stories of the Bible. New Bible stories are introduced each month. Lessons are offered during both services (8:30 and 11:00) for ages 0-5 and in the Sunday school hour (9:45-10:45 am) for ages 0-2.  

In the picture below, children are hearing the story of Creation: "Let there be light!"       

Splash Pad (Ages 3 - Kindergarten)

Room 23 - Education Wing
This year's Deep Blue Kids theme is "Family!" Children in the Splash Pad explore families in the Bible, learn how today's families care for children as they grow, build loving relationships, and find out what it means to be a part of God's family. Each week includes stories,  music, crafts, games and group activities. Children in the Splash Pad also participate in the Cherub Choir during the Sunday school hour - learning how to praise and worship God through song! 

Godly Play (1st – 2nd Grade)

Room 28, Upstairs in the Education Wing
Our early elementary children are invited into a safe and worshipful environment to experience they mystery and joy of God. Godly Play values process, openness and person discovery, as students become active learners of the Christian language of parables, sacred stories, reflective silence and liturgical action. Based on the Montessori teaching method, Godly Play encourages children to use their curiosity and imagination as they enounter the stories of scripture. 

Bible Divers (3rd Graders)

Room 18 - Education Wing
Third Grade students receive Bibles as gifts from the congregation in mid-September. Through Sunday school, they embark on a year-long journey to explore and learn to use their Bibles. Students have fun with hands-on activities and Bible learning games. Our goal is for children to view Scripture as a life-long companion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Wave Walkers (4th - 5th Grade)

Room 30 - Upstairs in the Education Wing
Wave Walkers learn how to apply their Bible knowledge to the real world as they practice following Jesus through Illustrated Children's Ministry curriculum, "Illustrated Compassion: Learning to Love Like God," and "Illustrated Invitation: Joining God at Work in the World." After reading Scripture each week, children are invited to respond through prayer, acting out the story, journaling, coloring, art and hands-on mission projects.