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This page is still under construction! Some information may not be accurate. Please bear with us in the meantime until we're ready to go!

How We


MUMC is proud to have a variety of ministries that collect donations in order to aid our community, whether its through events or gifts. If you're in a position to give, we encourage you to look at the ministries in need so we can continue to provide for others.

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Backpack Ministry


Food Donations

Many of the Menchaca Elementary students depend on the food at school and may not have regular meals on the weekend. With your help and support of MUMC’s Backpack Ministry, we can meet their needs for greater food security. We are currently serving about 40 children at an approximate cost of $150 per week. Any donations to the Backpack Ministry is greatly appreciated. 

Food Pantry


Toiletries, standard paper grocery bags, and some food items

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The Food Pantry is partnered with the Central Texas Food Bank, which means we get most of the food from them. However, we would still like to provide people will other important items such as paper towels, soap, and more.

Men's Clothing Drive


Men's Clothing, no dress suits

The Men's Group has been collecting used clothing for the District Clothes Closet for homeless men for several years. We have been selected as a collection point church for South Austin.  

We can now provide used clothing for homeless men and women. We are collecting clothing in Room 9. Our church members can drop off clothing on Sundays, or anytime they come to Church. Wednesdays 9 am - 2 pm will be collection time for other churches. 

Book Drive


Children's books for all ages

Bookmarks made by children

Every Sunday in June we'll be collecting new and gently used children's books (for all ages). These books will be distributed through our Food Pantry along with bookmarks made by MUMC children and youth. As families come in to shop, they'll be welcomed into a waiting room where they will be checked in, and children will be invited to pick out a book to take home! This is a great opportunity for children to share from their own collection! Please make sure that books are in good condition.

Vacation Bible School


A variety of household items for crafts or science projects

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Vacation Bible School is our largest outreach project of the year with most participants being from the community. In order to provide all the children with the best experience, we need help collecting all the materials for our activities. Things like toilet paper rolls and egg cartons may seem like trash, but everything has a purpose! Please look at the wish list to see if you have anything that can be donated.

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