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"The Day My Grandson Discovered Jesus"

A woman wearing white preacher robes with multicolor butterflies and doves on it is holding a folder open with one hand and raising the other out to her side. The background is a brown stone wall with some other people sitting in front of it.
Rev. Tracey Beadle preaching at Westlake UMC

My husband and I had just recently discovered MUMC when we found out about the Contemporary Services held in the Family Life Center. At that time they were led by Rev. Tracey Beadle, who was an amazing theologian that preached barefooted because when she was at the altar, she stood on holy ground.

As Easter approached, we gathered up our 6 year old grandson and brought him to The Palm and Passion Service. All the windows had been blacked out with black paper, the altar was aglow with soft lights, and the congregation sat mostly in darkness as the procession passed slowly and reverently down the middle aisle. Everyone sat in a respectful silence as Christ drugged the cross to the altar.

And then in the blink of an eye, my grandson stood up and followed them. The cross was laid at the foot of the altar and Rev. Tracey Beadle stood at the back of the congregation reading the Passion Story. Just as I was about to tiptoe down the aisle to reclaim my grandson, he sat down on the floor staring at Jesus. I froze battling over whether to retrieve my grandson or leave him be. His profile held a look of raptured awe and I dared not disturb the peace of that moment. He sat transfixed throughout the whole observance. He didn't move a muscle. As the program finished and people rose to leave, we finally walked down to ask him why he didn’t come back and sit with us. He answered, “I wanted to find out about Jesus. I wanted to see him.”

The Holy Spirit had introduced Jesus to our grandson that holy day.

~MUMC Sesquicentennial History Group

Tracey Beadle will be joining us as a guest preacher on Sunday April 28 at both services to celebrate 150 Years of MUMC.

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