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Find Your Classroom!

Upper Elementary, Grades 3-5
Room 30, Upstairs

Younger Elementary, Kinder - 1st Grade
Room 28, Upstairs

Toddlers-Preschool: Meet in the Nursery
Chapel is in room 16, Downstairs


Upper Elementary

Grades 3 - 5

Our upper elementary class is learning to navigate their Bibles as they take a trip through all 66 books of the Bible! In this fun and interactive class, students learn about each section of the Bible, how to locate specific Scriptures, and what landmarks to look out for to help them in their faith journey!

Grades Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Our younger elementary students enter a sacred space in which they are immersed in the foundational stories of our faith, invited to wonder about them together, and respond to them through open-ended art, prayer, and play materials on their own terms. Godly Play employs a Montessori approach to Spiritual Formation. 

Wonder Chapel

Toddlers and preschoolers grow their faith through singing and Bible storytelling at the Wonder Chapel. 

Younger Elementary

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