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Special Guest Julian Copado

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

On Sunday May 7, we were honored to have spoken word artist Julian Copado come to the 9 am service to present a few of his poems about the complexities of his Mexican culture, social justice, and mental health. We're very grateful that Julian was able to come and share some of his work with us.

If you missed the service, you can view the live stream HERE.

At Breakfast Church, the congregation is encouraged to participate in conversation with those around them about the topic. If you feel so led to further consider Julian's work, these were the questions provided:

Reflect on a time you struggled with mental health. How did you work through those times? Can you share anything that has been helpful on your mental health journey?

Share an experience that helped you unlearn a family or cultural practice that was toxic. How did you overcome this? Are you still working through it? If so, what's been helping you unlearn?

Have you ever experienced a conversation with an authoritative figure that made you feel powerless because you didn't have the same resources/knowledge as they do? If you feel comfortable, share your experience and whether you were able to come to a solution or had to leave the conversation.

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