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Build Serve Grow

MUMC has a long history of congregant support to expand the church campus and refurbish the existing structure. One recent project was called Build, Serve, Grow.

While this was a physical upgrade to the church grounds, we focused on creating A Culture Of Generosity. One-third of the parables encourage giving or serving. The second most frequent discussed subject in the ministry of Christ, next to teachings of the Kingdom, is giving generously. Our congregation embraced this approach and pledged $1.2 million dollars to fund the project! A prayer calendar was also shared with congregants to meditate on supporting scripture.

Build, Serve, Grow focused primarily on upgrades to the Sanctuary and Family Life Center, over the 2016 – 2019 time period.

This included much needed roof repairs, re-painting of the steeple, updating restrooms and replacing the floors in the main hallway. This is what the old church campus looked like. You can see for yourselves how much it has changed.

To celebrate the final church upgrades, we had a huge Fiesta Brunch dedicating the new worship areas, including a Mariachi band!

~MUMC Sesquicentennial History Group

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