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Candy Apples

This is the first memoir we have received from one of our esteemed members. Thank you for this insightful memory! ~MSHC

When I first attended MUMC full time with my husband and three children in the mid '70s, I fell in love with the small sanctuary and friendly congregation. I soon found myself serving on several committees, which, in the “good ole days,” required figuring out a way for the committee to pay its own way. My favorite memory is of the Candy Apple Sale at Eeyore’s Birthday Party. One of our committee members was able to get the apples and the caramels donated, and we spent an entire Friday making the caramel delights. However, when it came time to sell them, no one volunteered. After a long, silent lull, my husband and I said we would do it.

Early Saturday morning, we loaded up the apples and trudged off to Pease Park. Did I mention that, in April, Austin is hot and humid? There were lots of folks at the party and even more kids wanting candy apples. When parents visualized sticky kids getting into their cars, they quickly yanked their children away. By the end of a very l-o-n-g day, we tallied up all our sales (all three of them — one of which I bought) and took our apples back to the church where we put them in the Fellowship Hall kitchen.

On Sunday morning, when we went into the Fellowship Hall , we spent more time than we initially planned to be there. The caramel had melted off the apples, run over the trays, and down the fronts of the cabinets.

We did not make any money, but we made a memory…and looking back, maybe the “good ole days” really were good.

~MUMC Sesquicentennial History Committee, MSHC

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