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You have heard me say this before! We had a great time with my brother’s family this summer. On the GrandCampers bowling outing, the youngest grand bested us all as he simply Let it Roll.

I knew there was a message in the motion. I took this photo so as to honor the family photography rules (this is used with permission) and to capture the moment of release. The thing is… this young bowler bowled a better game than most all of us that day. He just let it roll, baby!

His parents were along that day and were willing participants in the game and in helping their youngest find his way among the older ones. It’s a great way for the littles to participate! I really enjoyed the experience. The memory will last me until we meet again next year. And there is even a message to share Along the Way.

It could be that what I observed welled up in me a joy of childhood long forgotten. Maybe it was the excited shout and the ten second run-a-round of this grandcamper that brought laughter and smiles to all in the vicinity. Maybe it was when his Dad said proudly, “It’s a Strike!” Maybe it was all of that and more!

What was experienced that day was a bunch of kids, their parents, grandparents, and extras having a wonderful day. The bowling served as the vehicle for fun, producing a level of enjoyment that led to more. Like tears from this old pastor. In my family, we call it the weeps.

I know one thing for sure. It is time to have fun again! When was the last time you just let it roll?

See y’all Sunday unless you are off enjoying some summer family fun.

Pastor Paul

Along the Way

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