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Updated: Jun 23

Applications are now available!

39th Year of MUMC Scholarship

Gratitude Narratives from MUMC Scholarship Recipients:

Rachael Moon

The MUMC Scholarship, as well as the care packages that I received

at exam time, always bring me some peace of mind to know that there’s still a

community rooting for me to succeed. I currently work as a PNF Stretch Specialist

helping better people’s lives through increasing their mobility and am also working on

my Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Texas State with plans to graduate in

2024. I plan to go into the field of Sports Medicine and will likely continue my education

to pursue a Masters Degree in Athletic Training or Physical Therapy.

Allison Garcia

The MUMC scholarship helped me pay for my textbooks, which can

cost a lot. It was a relief not to worry too much about money while I was adjusting to

being away from my family, adding new responsibilities to my life, and taking harder

classes than ever before. I am so thankful to all who donated and helped me when I

needed it most.  

Katie McAngus Krieger

Growing up at Manchaca UMC had an indelible impact on my

life, as did the people I was lucky enough to get to know there. I was so touched and so

honored to be a recipient of the Chris Brown scholarship and to be supported by my

church family as I took my first steps into the world on my own.


Please give generously to the April 2, 2023 Communion Altar Rail Offering. These monies are designated for the Chris Brown and Don Banker Scholarship Endowment, which gives scholarships to local high school and college students each year. This fund began with $300 in 1984, 39 years ago. Since that time, over $79,700 has been given in 167 college scholarships to students.


It is important for you to know that each and every dollar of all of the offerings for the April 2 Communion Altar Rail will go to the scholarship fund to help students with their college expenses.  Please help support our youth in their future endeavors.

Like the mustard seed in Matthew 13:32 “although it is the smallest of all seeds, it grows larger than any garden plant and becomes a tree. Birds even come and rest on the branches.” With God’s blessing and your generosity, the scholarship fund will grow again this year, serve more students, and MUMC will continue to play a vital role in assisting students to achieve their goals and dreams.

Even though these scholarships are given out in the Spring of each year, you may contribute to this fund all year long - simply mark your offering as "Scholarship Fund." You may also give through our online giving portal and select "Scholarship Fund" from the fund menu.


History of the MUMC Scholarship Fund

The MUMC Scholarship Fund began in 1984, when Christine Brown, a longtime MUMC member and retired teacher, was honored by parents of her students. She was recognized with a $300 check, and her response was “Let’s give it back to the children.”

Christine had opened Jet Star School after her retirement. These parents wanted to acknowledge her forty years of teaching, devotion to children, and her endless energy, so their $300 gift was the seed money for the scholarship fund. Christine began to have her famous rummage sales to benefit the scholarship nest egg. She was so successful with her sales, friends and family dubbed her “Queen of the Rummage Sale.”

Christine’s life revolved around God, her family, MUMC, children, and their educations. Though she is no longer with us, Christine’s spirit lives on, and she continues to influence lives through the MUMC Scholarship Fund.

In 1994, another scholarship was added to the MUMC Fund. Janna Banker contributed proceeds from a scholarship established in memory of her husband, Donald. His career had its foundation in an engineering degree from Texas A&M University. After serving in the USAF and working in private industry, he returned to A&M to obtain a master’s degree in mathematics, starting a long and distinguished career in education. The majority of his teaching career was spent at McCallum High School in Austin.

Don’s passionate belief in higher education and the opportunities it afforded was often the source of his teaching style. Mathematics was his platform from the very basic algebra to the higher logic of calculus, he urged, pushed, and if necessary, held the hands of students until they understood.

Like Christine Brown, Don Banker’s devotion to teaching and his students was reciprocated with admiration and respect.

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