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Giving from the heart can be measured in many ways, not only as what we give monetarily, but what we can do in service of Our Lord.

“Knowing what it means to have our congregation pray for my family during a time of concern has been truly a blessing. Receiving a special care from a loving member meant the world to us.”

This endearing ministry of Notewriters is seeking and calling for more caring individuals to become a part of our group. The message we impart is not only to continue to pray every day for those on our prayers and concerns list, but also go a little further by writing a caring note of love to those on that list one or two months out of the year.

Please pray about this and consider the joy, inspiration and closeness to God that you can provide to others and yourself through this devoted service. Contact Nancy Zaloga at 512-970-6130 or if this heartwarming ministry touches you.

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