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Sanctuary Stained Glass, Part 1

You must look up to see the beauty of the stained glass with their white lines embellished with golden lines in the form of curves and flourishes to surround a wide pallet of jewel like glass. Everywhere the curved groups are clusters in threes representing the Holy Trinity. Gold and yellow represent the royalty of heaven while white glass represents God’s love, Christ’s purity, and the church as the bride of Christ.

Since the artist’s mandate was to bring sunlight into the sanctuary during all the daytime hours, every window on the East and the West of the sanctuary cast beautiful scenes on the floors and the walls every morning and afternoon. Eighteen windows with crosses and crowns remind us of our adoption into the heavenly family of God. The crowns symbolize Christ’s rulership in our souls and in the world. The circle around the crown symbolizes God’s desire for us to become holy or complete.

In the very front of the church just behind the suspended rosewood cross is the window known as the Good Shepherd Window. Here Jesus is portrayed as the shepherd tending his flock (us) with natural beauty surrounding them. The beauty of nature symbolizes renewal, growth, and refreshment. The water is the sacrament of Baptism and a reminder of the power of the Holy Spirit that flows through our lives.

The flowers and trees represent species from the Austin area to remind us that God is with us here and now. The window is encircled by gold and blue flourishes and flames to remind us of the power and protection of the Holy Spirit. The window is round to suggest the entire globe is to be part of His kingdom.

To get greater detail be sure to read "Sermons In Glass" by Martina Hill.

~MUMC Sesquicentennial History Group

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