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Sanctuary Stained Glass, Part 2

There are three areas that were originally planned to have stained glass windows that are hidden from most of the congregation’s view most of the time. The first is in the balcony in the sanctuary where three glorious windows designed to commemorate the glory of Easter can be seen from the front of the sanctuary easily during daylight hours. Each window displays a pair of Easter lilies which is meant to symbolize the resurrection of Christ and the purity of the church. One panel shows Calvary with Christ’s cross in glowing gold glass and the thieves’ crosses in brown on either side. The next shows Christ both mentally and physically healing a kneeling follower with his love. The glory of God is shining in rays of pale blue light above them. The Third demonstrates the church of the risen Lord with two trumpets, a harp, two bells, and the Bible. Often when you see choir members' faces raised upward and transfixed, they are looking at these meaningful windows.

To the left of the choir loft is The Baptism Window. The blue and aqua colors suggest the flow of water. In the top scene are images from Noah’s Ark with the rainbow representing God’s promise to humanity.

The second scene is taken from the Psalms of David and expresses our longing for God with a stag wading in a stream and quenching his thirst for a relationship with God.

The third scene is a boat floating on water with an anchor standing for Christ and fish being all sinners. This scene is from John 21:1-12 and Luke 5: 4-11.

Finally, the fourth scene is a baptismal font similar to the one in our sanctuary. Unfortunately, we have no picture of this scene. The flowing waters depict our new life in Christ overflowing like “rivers of living water.”

The last set of hidden windows used to be by the door where the choir enters and behind the organ. When the church leadership realized that practically no one could enjoy these outstanding panels, they replaced them with ordinary glass and moved them to the hallway beside the Choir Suite. Next week, we will conclude this series on the Hidden Windows with Part 3.

~MUMC Sesquicentennial History Group

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