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"150 Years of Manchaca United Methodist Church" with the 0 including the MUMC logo of a steeple appearing above a tree

By now, everyone is probably aware that our church is celebrating its 150 anniversary this year.

The MUMC Sesquicentennial History Committee, MSHC, has been asked to present our church’s history to the congregation. So we are gathering stories about how the Holy Spirit has been seen to move through this congregation in the last 150 years. These are the stories like the felon who laid our bricks for free or the intended meaning behind our stained glass windows that many of us hold dear in our hearts. However, because the last complete history was written 25 years ago and many of us are relatively new to MUMC, we have never heard them told. Meanwhile, we will begin next week with stories about the earliest years of our church.

Since this is intended to be a compilation of all the best acts of the Spirit in this church and we envision that there will be multiple authors to each story, there will be a list of the contributors, but no one person will be given author’s credit.

For more information or to share your story, email Suzy Sanger at

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