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2023 Scholarship Recipients

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Congratulations to the Chris Brown and Don Banker 2023 Scholarship Recipients. They will be honored this Sunday May 14.

Caitlin Brock, a graduating senior at Moe and Gene Johnson High School, will enter University of Texas at Austin this year majoring in Psychology. Caitlin has a servant heart and a passion for helping others. Her career goal is to become an applied behavioral therapist and work with autistic children. She has been a lifelong member of MUMC and active in many MUMC Youth Ministries and Mission Trips including food pantry, Pumpkin Patch, Vacation Bible School, and assisting with youth and church services. Her busy schedule also includes four years in her high school’s drill team with officer responsibilities as Sophomore and Junior Lieutenants plus Co-Captain. Her awards include National Honor Society and National Technical Honor Society. Additionally, she instructs and choreographs dance classes after school for a dance studio.

Elizabeth Brock plans to begin classes this fall at Texas State University majoring in Psychology after her graduation from Moe and Gene Johnson High School. Elizabeth is a passionate student leader whose career plan is to be a certified family therapist to make a difference in the lives of others, help them learn why they feel and act the way they do, and work with them to better themselves. MUMC has been a strong influence in her life from baptism, confirmation, mission trips, VBS, Youth Christmas Tree Lot, pumpkin patch, leading church services, and being on the technology booth media team. In school, she has earned membership in the National Honor Society and the Technical National Honor Society and is manager for the Rosettes Drill Team. In addition, she finds time in her busy schedule to volunteer at Bear Creek Stables.

Lucille Lunsford, a senior at Moe and Gene Johnson High School, will enter Texas A&M University this fall majoring in Business with career plans to go to Law School. While in high school, Lucy, a hard-working, driven, and curious student, has been active on her school’s cross country and track team and a state qualifier, a varsity cheerleader nominated for NCA All-American, and a Leo Club and YMCA member, volunteering in numerous service projects. She also worked as a lifeguard after school. She has earned membership in National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, and National English Honor Society. She is a founder and president of the English Honor Society. At MUMC, Lucy has supported numerous activities including the Pumpkin Patch, Fall Festival, Christmas Tree Lot, VBS, food pantry, and mission trips.

Nancy Blythe Troke graduates from James Bowie High School and will enter Texas Tech University in the Honors Program this fall majoring in Architecture. Blythe’s career goal is to work in the field of interior design, creating spaces accessible to everyone everywhere. She believes accessibility for all is an essential piece to loving others. At MUMC, Blythe has actively assisted with many activities including the Christmas Tree Lot, Pumpkin Patch, pancake dinner, and mission trips. At Bowie, she has been honored as a Who’s Who Honoree, Academic All District, National Honor Society member, and AP Scholar. Her extra-curricular activities include four years of basketball, plus memberships in Students Organized Against Racism, Key Club, Astronomy Club, and Mock Trial Club. In addition, Blythe works a job after school at Crumbl Cookies.

Amanda Palecek, a student at Texas A&M, will graduate in December with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Allied Health. She is currently applying for duel masters’ degree programs at Texas A&M in Public Health and International Business. Her aspirations are to teach at the collegiate level and work for nonprofits to help educate the public about health. Amanda also desires to support low income communities through tutoring and health education. In addition to her coursework, Amanda works for two different tutoring organizations for twenty to thirty hours per week. She also participates in the Breakaway Worship Services at Texas A&M.

Jordan Warren, a student majoring in history at University of Texas at Austin, plans to graduate a year early. Her lifelong dream is to become a history teacher in secondary education, and she is eager to pass this joy of learning on to others. Achieving part of this dream this past year, she student-taught at Baranoff Elementary and Gorzycki Middle Schools as part of the UTeach Liberal Arts Program. In addition to being a full-time student, Jordan works 20+ hours per week at Target. Jordan grew up in MUMC and is thankful for her youth and church activities that helped build her faith. She has continued her faith journey with participation at Texas Wesley, a campus Methodist organization. She currently is coordinator of the Reach Council, which builds Wesley membership and is a leader in God’s Office Hours small group.

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