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A Change of Seasons, Please!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

I like to follow the Facebook Group called Maine Fall Foliage. Recent photos shared in that social media group indicate that the leaf color change has begun in the Northeast. As I awake each day, a new photo finds my group feed. Over the last few years of not traveling, these photos have been particularly helpful in September and October. Especially since we in Texas experience summer days that drag on and on (like this week).

I mentioned a tree from the Bible story last week in worship. I also spoke about trees to my Tuesday evening Zoom group. I received some great feedback. Many of you have trips planned for this year! I am jealous. But I am glad you are going to see God's creation beauty in the transformation of leaf colors. I also received several photos from trips taken in the past. Golden aspen groves in Colorado. Can you just hear the sound of the aspen trees in this season?

Seasons that change remind us that we live in a world still very much alive in the creative majesty of God. I believe that these reminders are good for our souls and our spiritual life. Movement in the grace of God renews us... challenges us. It "quickens' us to a pace and interest that is different from the lazy days of summer.

Experiencing the love and grace of God can be exhilarating! Just like seeing the leaf color change in the trees of the northeast or the mountains of Appalachia or the Rockies. I wonder - what newness of the season change are you feeling? How is the Lord showing you that all things are being made new?

Just as a reminder, I am still available for conversations during the week. Let me know when and where to meet you. Coffee, conversation, new things experienced together.

Glad to be here with you!


Along the Way with Pastor Paul

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