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A Teaching Moment from our Rio Texas Annual Conference

Hi Friends,

Allow me to share a resource with you from our Annual Conference sessions held in Corpus Christi several weeks ago. Listed below you will find links to the videos, particularly the Teaching Segments featuring Guest Teacher Blair Thompson-White.

Annual Conference Summary Page with all video links:

VIDEO Link to Teaching Segment One:

VIDEO Link to Teaching Segment Two:

It is my hope that some, possibly more than a few of you, will view and digest these teaching moments regarding the Five Muscle Groups (Conversation Areas) for Rio Texas UMC churches as they discern God's Dreams for their communities. Your church staff members are in the process of viewing these videos and discussing them for our own staff development. We hope to begin asking adaptive questions with each other that lead us into conversations regarding our community, our ministries and mission, and our leadership in a season such as this. Your engagement with this conversation is invited and encouraged. For now, simply watch the videos. I will begin to say more about my own interpretation of this teaching in future articles of this newsletter.

In Christ,

Pastor Paul

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