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Altitude Adjustment

Paul and Laura have arranged family care for Boyd, so, for a few days, it’s respite time, and Lolli and Pop are headed for Cloudcroft, New Mexico. The graphic associated with this note shows just how quickly the elevation changes between Artesia and Cloudcroft. It’s a steep and steady climb to the mountaintop.

That may be my first takeaway from this note. Even while finding rest, a steady climb is sometimes required. It might be easier to just stay here at 700 feet above sea level and endure 107 degree ambient temperature. Sure, we have reflective-ish inside window supplements to reduce the heat, but still it’s 80 degrees in the house with all of the bells and whistles of caregiving in place. So, we are going to drive to the mountaintop.

We are looking forward to the get-away. I joke with many of you as you return from your travels to cooler climates. You see the envy in my smile, right? Kidding aside, we are ready for a break. And we are really going to enjoy low 50s to mid 70s as we retreat. Thanks to all, family and friends, who make this possible.

I am sure there will be other truths to share from our adventure. We will see you next week!

Much love and many blessings,

Pastor Paul

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