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Everybody Give ... Thanks!

Wow! We celebrated this past weekend with our church and enjoyed the joy-filled experience of a wonderful Fall Festival and Children’s Sabbath. Let me just echo something here that our children sang: “Everybody Give Thanks!”

A crowd of people standing in a parking lot. Decorated open trunks can be seen in the background. There is a woman in a lab coat standing at a table covered in green table cloth at the front of the image.

We spoke with children Saturday for our Fall Festival. In the parking lot with families during trunk or treat, in the Pumpkin Patch painting faces, cookies and pumpkins, at the Cake Walk, listening to the band, riding in the barrel train, lots of children. Jen Bautista worked diligently behind the scenes encouraging and handing out more candy. We Loved it! And lest I forget, a big thanks to Josh Teague for organizing our Pumpkin Patch fundraiser again this year!

A group of children in tie dye shirts stand on the small stage at the front of the Family Life Center. A man playing the guitar is in the background on the far right.

Kim Carroll did a great job Sunday leading and guiding the children in a “chapel time” she uses weekly with our CDC children. Kim offered a blessing for our CDC and it’s work in our community for over three decades. Kim also educated and advocated for children in her sermon. “Everybody Give Thanks” was the chorus our children’s choir sang with help from Jeff Mills, Jenny Rinehart, and Mark Hixon. Loved it, loved it!!! I certainly left church with a heart in gratitude and a message for our upcoming season of Stewardship. “Everybody Give … Thanks!”

In November, I will be back in the pulpit preaching a series in Gratitude for the Lord’s blessing. I invite you to be with us in worship either in-person or online as we celebrate God and the mission of Jesus through this church. It is our annual season of Stewardship where we invite all members and friends of Manchaca United Methodist Church to pledge or commit with an estimate of financial support for the mission and ministry of this local Church for another year. I will be saying this a bunch so please hear it now, “Everybody Give … Thanks!”

Upcoming Series:

November 5 — All Saints Sunday

“A Legacy of Discipleship”

November 12 & 19 — Stewardship Sundays

“A Hymn of Grateful Praise”

“Testimonies in Gratitude”

November 26 — Commitment Sunday

Early Start to Advent

“Being Present in Hope”

Again, a word of thanks to our music teams, staff, guest speakers, lay witnesses, and children for making October a spectacular month at Manchaca UMC. To our newest members, welcome to the mission of Jesus as we love God and neighbor together.

Much love and many blessings!

Pastor Paul

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