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Here we go!

I'm your new senior pastor and my name is Paul Harris. Some people call me Paul, some call me Pastor Paul, and whatever you choose to call me - please call me friend. That is what I hope to be with you, with the families of this church community and with all persons we connect with in the name of Jesus.

As we begin together this Sunday June 26, please know that I have already been at work with the church staff and laity who were able to gather Tuesday for an "Onboarding" experience. I have had the distinct advantage of hearing early on in my ministry here from many leaders as to their memories shared in this church and what dreams they have for this church.

This process will continue as I hope to begin a visitation campaign later this summer. As the details of that plan take shape, I will be communicating with you as to an acceptable method of visitation for your home groups, Sunday School classes, weekday covenant groups or bible study groups, community organizations, school principals and counselors, parents of our CDC students, and so on. An invaluable time investment for all of us will be the opportunity for me to meet you and listen to your story. I hope to share a bit of my story with you as we go.

Preaching for the next seven weeks will be done by me, the new guy! With the tremendous support of this wonderful church staff, we are adding details to the preaching plan. For a preview, this Sunday our preaching text comes from John 1: 35-42. A rich source indeed, it is hard to pick a singular group of verses from that chapter. So, I begin by POINTING TOWARD JESUS.

I will share the story of how Andrew met Jesus and why that encounter means so much to me, my story, and my discipleship pathway. In his book, The Andrew Paradigm: How to Be a Lead Follower, Bishop Michael J. Coyner describes what it means to be a new leader seeking acceptance, earning trust, and defining a vision for ministry. He uses the term "Lead Follower." I hope to communicate Sunday and in the Sundays to come, the value of spending time with Jesus just as Andrew and his friend did that day when their teacher John the Baptist pointed them to Jesus.

"Come and you will see." - John 1:39

Along the Way

Pastor Paul

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