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Introducing a New Group

Please welcome a new team to Manchaca UMC, the Rooted Good Futures Team. Those serving in this short term task group are Chansin and Jason Esparza, Sondra Halweg, Paul Harris, Ron Mize, Brad Piggott, and Jennifer Troke. We ask you to share a blessing for this group on Pentecost Sunday.

Pastor Paul has assembled this team for the purpose of engaging our church in conversation with six other UMC churches in a Capital District cohort. A goal for each local church in this process is to share ideas in navigating our economic futures. We will link with First UMC Austin, Northwest Hills UMC, Oak Hill UMC, St. Luke's UMC Austin, University UMC Austin, and Westlake UMC. Using the Rooted Good curriculum in the Good Futures Accelerator workbook, each local team will meet monthly to share a vision of enhanced ministries in a season of significant change in the church.

This cohort's conversation will explore the intersection of theological and economic questions. As churches across our district, conference, and denomination face new opportunities for mission, we also face the reality of changing economic patterns. How do we best serve our wider community, when our wider community has changed so much? How do we stay rooted in our tradition but also adapt to respond to a changing context? How can we generate enough income to survive and thrive in ministry in the next five years? How can we best use our buildings and land? What does it mean to consider a concept of social enterprise in our church as we strive to make new community partners?

Please join this group in prayer during the next seven to ten months. Please share ideas when asked for an interview from one of the team members. Stay tuned for more updates. May the glory be given to God as we vision for a good future at Manchaca UMC.

Along the Way

Pastor Paul

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