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Lent - At the Intersection

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

At the intersection of Menchaca Road and FM 1626, you will find the church campus of Manchaca UMC. This intersection has been "Under Construction" since I moved here in June 2022. It is now February 2023. There has been progress made toward a wider road with better lighting and traffic control. Slow progress according to most opinions. Many in this church wonder if it will ever be completed.

When I inquire of our plans for the time after the construction ends, most answers are vague. It has taken so long, we have forgotten the previous plan. A Pandemic and a contractor who had a hard time finding crews. Long delays have caused apathy: out there and in here too. I look at this intersection in the middle of my day with a cup of hot tea and the protection of an inside office. There are so many people driving through this intersection. I wonder where they all came from and where it is that they are going. I guess they could ask the same of us in the church.

When I get in these wondering moods, the best thing to do is walk next door to the neighboring restaurant. Many times over the last 8 months, I have encountered the road construction crews on their lunch hour. I quietly eavesdrop to hear the stories of working men and women as they quickly consume some food before returning to their work - out there on the road.

​This intersection seems to have something to say today to us in this church. At least I think it is speaking to me. Oh I know what it is... It is Lent, at the intersection of Christ's love for all people and the call to be the church - out there on the road. During the season of Lent this year, we are utilizing the Adam Hamilton book entitled "Jesus and the Outsiders, Outcasts, and Outlaws." It uses the gospel of Luke as the basis for a small group study and series of preaching and teaching about disciples - out there on the road.

I invite you inside with us on Sundays at Manchaca UMC as we seek to be those disciples who are called out there into the world for the remaining days of the week. Come along with us as we read sections of the gospel of Luke each day beginning on February 22 and concluding on April 9. Prepare your hearts and minds for the intersections of life. Study with us. Rejoin your small group. Let us help you re-connect with others who want to learn together.

On the road and at the intersection,

Pastor Paul

​Along the Way

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