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"Love Lifted Me"

Greeting friends,

The hymn entitled "Love Lifted Me" will be featured this Sunday, March 17, in our Lent Worship Series with the theme LIFT UP. Marcia McFee utilizes this hymn and speaks to the power of love in lifting up all persons in Christ. "When nothing else would help, love lifted me!" says the old Gospel song. To be lifted up is to be drawn into the love of God. Jesus drew all kinds of people to him during his brief tenure on earth, drawing no boundaries for who was invited into that love. As his hour to die drew near, he spread the message that all things would be enveloped in his love even after he was gone. What uplifting message will we pass on to others this week as we are up to something good for Christ?

For more on this hymn written by James Rowe, see the article linked here and also find it in the Cokesbury Hymnal and Worship & Song Hymn supplement #3101.

We will read from John's gospel, chapter 12, verses 20-33. As Jesus is approached by "Greeks' who had also gathered in Jerusalem for a week of festival. The scene is Jesus and the triumphant entry amid the cries of "Hosana!" and a crowd who had witnessed the raising of Lazarus by Jesus. Excitement is in the air. The teaching of Jesus we hear in this passage reflects the love of Jesus for all persons (Jew or Gentile) as he speaks about his own death that will come very soon. Jesus says, "And I, when I am lifted up from this earth, will draw all people to myself."

We invite you to join us this Sunday in worship as we experience the love of Jesus and the glory of God. Invite a friend, offer a ride, stay awhile and meet someone new.

Along the Way

Pastor Paul

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