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Austin Habitat for Humanity Methodist Build

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Every two years, MUMC participates in the Habitat for Humanity Methodist Build.

SAVE THE DATE! Our next build is happening April 22, 2023!

Mark Saturday, April 22 on your calendar as MUMC’s workday! As we get closer to April, we will provide more information and ask for volunteers so that we can continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Prayers are needed:

  • Pray for Jennifer and her family as she will be making this house a home. These Habitat families are living below the poverty level. They will still have issues, but at least having a home to live in will not be one of them. Meet Jennifer

  • Pray for the volunteers; including the regular Habitat construction crew. All of these volunteers are giving up their time and energy to help provide a home for a family they do not even know.

  • Pray for the organization Austin Habitat for Humanity and the other Habitat organizations spread across the country. They build more affordable houses than any other entity. Pray that they can remain viable and continue to provide affordable housing.

What Is the Habitat for Humanity Methodist Build?

The Methodist Build is made up of Methodist Churches in the area, including MUMC, who help build a home for a deserving family. The families are vetted based on need and ability to repay the loan.

Each family puts $1,000 cash down on their homes and works off the rest of the down payment in 300 sweat equity hours building other’s homes before they start on their own. When finished, the homes aren't free. Each family buys the home with a zero-percent, 30-year mortgage payable to Austin Habitat. Austin Habitat then uses those payments to build more homes.

It is very important that families are prepared for homeownership. The homeowners undergo rigorous education to improve their financial literacy. They learn to budget, manage and improve their credit, and plan for the future. When they complete their 300 hours of sweat equity, make a down payment on their home, and pay their monthly mortgage, they are empowered to be more financially independent. Responsible homeownership is one of the only vehicles available to lower income families to increase wealth and family stability.

Consider this:

Owning a home not only enhances a family's financial independence but fosters a stronger community. Homeowners are 28% more likely to vote and 26% more likely to be involved in civic organizations like parent-teacher organizations. Ninety-three percent of Habitat homeowners take more pride in their neighborhood. One hundred percent of Habitat homeowners pay property taxes. AND 92% OF HABITAT HOMEOWNERS COULD NOT HAVE OWNED A HOME WITHOUT HELP FROM HABITAT (and you!).

  • Owning a home is a significant source of personal wealth and is the leading asset households can leverage to start businesses or finance college.

  • Children who grow up in a stable home are 116% more likely to go to college.

  • Housing costs continue to rise in Austin.

  • Austin Habitat serves families with 30-80% of Median family income ($37,850-$75,500 for a family of 4).

Habitat gives families a hard-to-find opportunity and provides a chance for them to build something from the ground up that's theirs forever. They build it, earn it and pay for it! But not without you! Not only can you physically help on the build, you can donate towards our share of the materials needed to help construct the home.

Each year, our Christmas Eve offering, No Room at the Inn, supports Habitat for Humanity in their mission to provide affordable housing to deserving people. Bring your checks to any Christmas Eve Service and put "Habitat" on the memo line.

You may donate at any time by mailing a check to Manchaca UMC, P.O. Box 460, Manchaca, TX 78652, or you may give through online giving. Please write “Habitat” on the memo line of your check, or if giving online, select "Habitat for Humanity" as the fund in the drop down fund list.

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