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Mom's Kitchen

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

MOM knew how to Welcome Folks. She knew how to make you feel as though you belonged in her home.

When Laura and I started dating in high school, and once her parents put me through the vetting process, I was invited to join their family for a weekend excursion to “Mom’s House.” Mom was Faye McCarson, Laura’s maternal grandmother.

I soon found out what a welcoming lady this grandmother was during the days of World War 2 when she hosted young soldiers to stay a weekend in her home while on leave away from their own homes. According to the family story, Faye would feed anybody that made their way to her home for a meal. Faye knew how to love.

The family took up the nickname she was fondly referred to by non-family members alike: Mom. So it is fitting today for me to remember and celebrate mothers, grandmothers, and folks who just know how to be Mom.

I long for a church which feels like “Mom’s” kitchen. A glimpse of that home where all are welcomed into God’s grace.

As we make disciples of Jesus Christ, I invite each of you to consider being like “Mom” and welcome all who long to belong. What a grace filled space can be created when love is shared one with another Along the Way.

Sunday’s sermon will focus upon several themes of belonging, inclusion of diversity, and welcoming based in the “great commandment” of Matthew 22:34-40. Take a look ahead of time. See you Sunday and remember what can be when we embrace a Church built in loving relationships rather than uniformity in thought and action.

A church that is diverse, and where I'm not expected to think like everyone else.

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