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New Every Morning

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

One of my favorite memories of an experience of God’s presence and God’s Creation glory is captured in this photograph. It was a family trip of sorts as Laura and I ventured with our son Ben to a hilltop condo overlooking mid-town Ruidoso, New Mexico.

On this adventure, the scenery refreshed our souls. The timing was different than most in the tradition of our family vacations. It was mid December, Advent in the church calendar, and I was off on medical leave. The reasoning for our excursion was to ground ourselves spiritually as a family after a major health challenge. The experience of that trip brings great joy to my heart and mind.

A fresh overnight snowfall had coated the grounds. Everything was glistening in the lamp-post light of an early dawn. And then with coffee and camera in hand, the sun came up over the hill. New every morning! A reminder of God’s faithfulness and presence.

I wonder what stories you have to share… of God’s abiding presence. Those stories are dear to me and I want to listen to you tell them. Call me if you would like to chat.

Along the Way

Pastor Paul

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