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Pop goes on mission trip!

At camp, I, Pastor Paul, asked to be called POP. It’s my camp name while at GrandCamp with great nieces and nephews. It hopefully will be my nickname as a grandad. Sure sounded good this last evening to hear many student mission campers walk up and say, “Hey, Pop!”

I am so very tired and sore, but all in a good way. I tagged along with our youth ministry summer mission trip as an adult work team leader on a ramp project. The 10 youth on our team came together in a fantastic fashion to implement a ramp plan, measure and cut wood, place and screw joists, posts, deck boards, and handrail. And they did this construction activity in 105 degree temperatures for four (4) days. Rebecca Oates teamed up with me as co-leaders on the Purple “C” team working for the Luna family. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this mission trip.

I certainly had more time to meet youth from five different churches and learn more about their lives. We worshipped morning and evening at the Alamo Heights UMC Sanctuary, our host church for the camp. We shared student-led daily devotional time on site as we ate our bag lunches.

We built a ramp for family use and wheel chair access to their home. See the photo.

Not only did we construct something visible and tangible on this mission service trip, we had opportunity daily to visit with Rosa, the matriarch of the home. On this day she called us to her new porch deck and told us about her adult grandson who is fighting for health recovery in a local hospital. Each youth and adult gave Rosa a big hug. One of our youth offered prayer. Not a dry eye. And thanks to Rebecca’s attention and compassionate in this situation. She modeled so well how to pause a planned activity and enjoin the Holy Spirit.

I’m sure our Manchaca team will be posting many photos to our Manchaca UMC Facebook group page. For me, I post this photo taken on our team project completion day July 20, 2023. Two of our clients from the Luna family are standing with us.

Another bridge moment for this older pastor who while sore and tired feels young and refreshed in the Spirit.

Pastor Paul

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