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Reconnecting with Our Church Community

Greetings friends,

In this season of Lent and in this special celebration year of 150 years of ministry at Manchaca United Methodist Church, we are launching an effort this week to reconnect with our church community. We want to invite as many folks as possible to join us in weekly worship and for the special events planned for the year. If it has been awhile since you last saw someone from your circle of care, we encourage you to help us make contact and offer a special invitation to them to Reconnect at Manchaca UMC.

Our office volunteer staff along with others that have a focus in phone hospitality will be calling church members who have been away for a while. This work will involve sharing a phone conversation with current news and a special invitation to rejoin the life of our church community. We also are in hope of updating member contact information that may have changed such as email, regular mail, or new phone numbers in the church databases. If no phone number is available or if our information is incorrect, we will assemble a letter and an invitation to go out via the mail service.

We know that the best way for us to be Connected in Christ is to gather regularly in person or online with others seeking a life in Christ. Sunday worship, Sunday school classes, Bible Study Groups, Small Groups, Supper Friends, Mission Work Projects, Youth Fellowship, and Music Teams are just some of the many ways we assemble as a Community of Faith. We encourage church members to seek out additional connections this season as we are Up to Something Good for Jesus. Invite a friend who may be searching for a church home. Make a phone call. Offer a ride. Welcome them when they show up! Extend information about Manchaca UMC through sharing our church website or our church Facebook page.

If you are interested in helping our volunteer team with this work, please contact the church office at (512) 282-7274.


Along the Way

Pastor Paul

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