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Updated: Jun 23, 2023

For 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II provided the British Commonwealth with what it needed most - stability. With the longest tenure as monarch, she will be difficult to follow. For all of our friends across the pond, may the celebration of her service be grand and the transition to a new monarch be smooth. It’s interesting how popular the Queen became over the years. She was crowned before I was born. Her face is the only face I have known in that role.

In the news of her passing today, I heard descriptions such as Most Recognizable, Persistently Constant, and Perfectly Suited. The regal nature of her appearance, her voice, and her character (and the iconic handbags) will always be remembered. Stability. Institutions need it. She delivered. May she Rest In Peace. That it is it for this week. While I serve a different king, the Lord, I can appreciate someone who lived into her call as an earthly monarch and gave her life to it.  Along the Way Pastor Paul

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