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The Season of Advent

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Welcome to the season of Advent! Come, O Come Emmanuel. Be in us the light of the world so that our lives and the lives of those we encounter may be filled with grace. God with us, embody in us your love to share with another.

In her book, “Embodied Light: Advent Reflections on the Incarnation,” author Melissa Tidwell encourages the reader to study the idea of incarnation - of Jesus being fully human and fully divine - and to consider that the event we celebrate in this season of Advent “comes about because God is trying to tell us something, show us something about God’s nature and about our nature, about divinity and humanity and the intersection of those two realms.”

God’s activity in the world is what I believe every person longs to experience. I would also say that each of us longs to live into a true sense of our belonging in God’s activity. So, I believe that as we celebrate Emmanuel, God with us, each of us has opportunities to practice and prepare for Jesus … the embodiment of God with us! In your conversations, in your exercises, in your singing, in your every day words and actions, may this season of Light bring joy to you, your families, your neighbors, and to all who are open to experience God’s love.

Holy Advent

Pastor Paul

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