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The Wedding

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

What joy we experienced this month! Laura and I and many of our family traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia for the wedding of Rebecca Rainbow and Benjamin Harris. I was honored to officiate my son’s wedding! Pictured here at the rehearsal, I stand with two wonderful young souls who are so very dear to me.

As I mentioned to those gathered to witness this ceremony and all of the wedding party, Rebecca and Ben now count on “us” more than ever for continued encouragement and prayer. The wedding ceremony brings together two souls and so many more who fly standby in this marriage as saints, family, friends, listeners, walk along siders, and confidants. “We” are committed to them.

In terms of commitment, I now have a daughter-n-love to care for as I do my son. His mother and I could not be more pleased with their marriage. I have to tell you now, the Austin to Richmond airways will see much more of our business. We hope to return in the autumn to check in with Ben and Rebecca and help with the grape harvest. Rebecca is a winemaker at a boutique winery near Monticello. Who knows, that trip might be my spiritual formation and Continuing Education for the year. Commitment to this couple shall be a lifelong endeavor.

Commitment seems to be the common thread here expressed in the joy I feel as a proud father and pastor. The energy enlivens my commitment to Christ and to the Church. I remember my baptism and give thanks. Adelante! Forward!

In service for Christ,

Pastor Paul

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