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A Lesson From the Milky Way

Recently my daughter in law, Becca, went on a retreat to Big Bend National Park with some other pastors. My son Reed was with her as were our Pastors Chansin and Jason Esparza. While there Becca took this picture of the Milky Way and posted it. Later she said that she had never seen the Milky Way except for pictures in books. But because of the low light pollution in Big Bend she was able to find it in the sky. Those of us who live in urban areas know how challenging it is to even see the major stars at night because of the light pollution of the city emanating from the city.

Then she said that this experience reminded her of our lives with God. Sometimes it is hard to see God working in our lives but like the Milky Way God is there even when we can’t see God. God has never left us. Her observation made me realize that sometimes I cannot see God because of the difficult or painful things I am experiencing which like clouds at night cover up God’s presence. However, sometimes I cannot see God because of the busyness of my life which like light pollution also hide God’s presence from me. My many activities, even when undertaken on behalf of God can actually blind me to God’s presence!

My encouragement to us all is that we remember that just because we cannot see God at work does not mean that God is not working in our lives and also, that if we slow our lives down on occasion we may get a glimpse of of our ever present God.


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