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Cool Fronts

Finally! It seems like this summer lasted forever! Cool fronts are making their way into our area bringing some much needed rain and cooler temperatures. Weather impacts so much in our activities and attitudes as individuals and as communities. I am grateful for the edges of a new season among us. I look forward to the transformation.

That word has a special meaning for me. While watching the weather has always been a hobby of mine, "transformation" is the word to be investigated in this season as autumn approaches. When seasons change, a prime spiritual matter for me to consider within my growth in grace as a follower of Jesus is the experience of learning.

Learning is transformative. For some, acquiring knowledge is life-sustaining. For some, it is life-changing. For me, knowledge leads to a better understanding of the world around me and helps me locate with both God and neighbor. Learning for me is a group experience where the thoughts of others are important. (This is the plug you expected; it’s never to late to sign up and join a small group Bible study.)

When summer yields to autumn, school restarts and learning as disciples re-focuses our patterns of living. Cooler weather for us in Texas not only invigorates our bodies, it impacts our souls. At least it does for me. I begin to feel movement in the spiritual connections we share as a faith community.

Learning is transformative. So are cool fronts! Enjoy the season change. May the peace of Christ be with you.

Pastor Paul

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