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Food Pantry Facts

a cornucopia with pumpkins, fall leaves, and a few corncobs and pinecones coming out of it

Donations to our MUMC food pantry are up and it’s all thanks to you! We reached out and you responded with much needed donations of non-perishable food items, personal hygiene and paper products. Two of our generous CDC families donated 3 big boxes of canned and packaged food items. Several of our generous members were spotted dropping off large packages of toilet paper, bath soap and baby wipes, along with canned goods. We are so grateful to you for your generous contributions of food and money to help the less fortunate in our community. But we can’t stop now. The need is great and is growing. Please continue to give what you can and to keep our food pantry recipients in your hearts and prayers.

The heart and soul of our food pantry program is it’s volunteers. Without their diligent efforts and caring spirits, we could not begin to do what we do to provide for 45-50 needy families every week. The sacking crew, led by our own Margaret Gunn, prepares about 80 bags of food every 2 weeks for Saturday morning distribution. Margaret, along with her husband Rod, Brice and Deanna Custer, and Rhonda and Alan Morris are the regulars, along with occasional guest appearances by Beth Watkins and David Linkletter as needed. The distribution teams are comprised of 3 volunteers for each Saturday morning and include Cam Gage, Linda & Kiana Evans, Beth Watkins, Elizabeth Rogers, Cathy Crumley, Ron and Sharon Mize, Jennifer Bautista, Michelle and Lance Lunsford and their daughter Daphne, Desiree Mills and her son Jonah, Lyn Bridwell, Leslie Piggott and Rebecca and Rachel Oates.

If you have an interest in joining us as a food pantry volunteer, please contact Cathy Crumley at

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